Monthly Wrap-Ups

September 2019 Wrap-Up

Hey, guys!

With September over, it’s time to go through the month: the goals I had, the ones I met, and the ones I missed.

September was kind of a hit or miss month for me. When it wasn’t ninety degrees outside, it was cold, windy, and storming. The three together aren’t a great combination for me when it comes to writing. The cold bites at my joints pretty badly, and I get pretty stiff and sore during the colder days. Even as I’m typing this, I’m wearing my compression gloves and a wrist brace just to keep my hands at least partially functional.

But even without the cold, I don’t do well during storms. My anxiety doesn’t enjoy thunder or high winds, so I accomplish next to nothing on those nights, too, and tragically, there have been a lot of storms here recently.

But that aside, I still worked to accomplish at least some of my goals, many of which were Man of Darkness related, in preparation for the October release of the novella.

I started two new books in September: the currently untitled second book in the Killer in Training series and Beatings from a Butcher, a crime story that takes place in the same department featured in one of my other books, though this one features different detectives.

Overall, I had thirty-three goals in September. Fourteen of them were soft goals–flexible goals–and the other nineteen were hard goals–ones that I’m (at the very least) a little more set in stone on. Out of the hard goals, I hit all but three. I didn’t manage to edit all of my August Work in Progress videos for YouTube, I didn’t edit the third research video on the Lost City of Z, and I didn’t hit 17.5K words on Fallen Blues.

The goals I did meet are spread between writing, editing, YouTube, and Man of Darkness things:

  • write 150,000 words
  • edit 50,000 words
  • finish Man of Darkness edit 7
  • write August wrap-up blog post
  • edit all June WIP videos
  • finish writing TGV
  • finish writing Pitman’s Legend: King
  • edit third Man of Darkness video
  • hit 20K words in Voice of the Wild Places: Z
  • start 2nd Killer in Training book
  • start new crime book (Beatings from a Butcher)
  • write acknowledgement for Man of Darkness
  • format Man of Darkness paperback
  • start Man of Darkness edit 8
  • finish Man of Darkness edit 8
  • write back of book description for Man of Darkness

When it comes to soft goals, I met seven goals:

  • continue paranormal research
  • start building Z in Minecraft (a great way to visualize the lost city before I finish building the physical model)
  • hit 10,000 words on Books and Badges
  • design cover for Man of Darkness
  • start edit 1 of TGV
  • order Man of Darkness proof copies
  • film Man of Darkness unboxing

Regardless of what goals I hit or missed, September was relatively okay. I struggled to meet my 5K word goal every day for a multitude of reasons–Man of Darkness and the cold contributing–but I still came around and met my end goal by the final day of the month. I still wrote every day, regardless. That’s always my biggest goal.

Currently, for October, I have 31 goals, twenty-one of which are hard goals. While a lot are about Man of Darkness, several are also about finishing books in preparation for NaNoWriMo next month, so I can start the next books in those series for NaNo. But we’ll see where this month takes me.

Regardless of how October ends up going, I’m excited for the books I’m writing, for the book merch I’m prepping for Man of Darkness, and overall, the release of Man of Darkness. I’ve gotten to hold the proof in my hands already, and I can’t wait for others to be able to hold the finalized book after the 29th.

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