Man of Darkness

Inherently, he’s the bad guy in all of their stories, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

After all, the little Reaper’s just doing his job.


Sunday starts like any given day for Miles. He watches over his three guarded, most treasured souls; he plays imaginary friend to Karen, the only one of the souls that can still see him; and he reaps the souls his boss has given him. But when Fate informs the little Reaper that one of his three treasured souls will die in the next three days, his so-called ‘normal’ day turns on its head.

Now—with the help of a few Hellish beings—Miles must work to save the only sense of humanity he’s felt connected to since his death doomed him to Reaper status, all while risking his life in Hell, his very own soul, and the disruption and destruction of the natural order of the world.

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