Letters from a Madman

a crime novel following Riley PD Detectives Hilo Granger and Tahki Harris as they try to solve a 20-year-old bank heist/mass shooting case before their letter-writing madman can do it again

Man of Darkness

a supernatural novella following Miles, a Grim Reaper, as he fights against time and Fate to save his three most treasured human souls

Cut to the Kill

a crime novel following Thomas Smalls, an FBI agent, as he and his partner work to catch a multi-state serial killer

Ashes in the Light

a paranormal novel following Aurora Cole as she moves into a haunted farmhouse, unbeknownst to her

2 thoughts on “Books

    1. They’re not self-published, haha. They’re nowhere near that point yet. But the website will be updated any time there’s news about the Bo Austen series and its progression toward publishing! I just have a few other series that need to be written and edited first 😀


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