My Editing Services

Courtney Elsberry

Iowa, United States

Academic and creative researcher, writer, and editor with 9+ years of experience.

Experience Summary

After spending the last nine years researching, writing, and editing academic papers and fictional works, I began offering paid freelance editing services at the tail end of 2019. Since then, I have copy edited two published novels, two short stories, and carried out the copy edits of individual chapters for writers who post their works online, as well as entire stories for authors who aren’t quite sure of the path they want to take just yet.

Of my own works, I’ve written seventy-one stories, ranging from novella-length to novel-length, from 2017 onward. In the same period of time, I have edited sixty-nine of my own drafts.

I’m a dedicated and organized writer and editor, and I can work well with most timelines on the majority of projects. I do my best to make sure everyone walks away happy with the final product, especially the client.

Services Offered

Copy editing


Genres Worked With



Mystery & Crime




Science Fiction

Thriller & Suspense

Zombie Fiction

Editing Rates

Copy edit
  • per word
  • per word

This means that a 50,000 word novel will cost $200 USD for a copy edit and $100 USD for a proofread.

Generally, I request half of the cost upfront and the second half upon completion. However, I am more than willing to work with any budget and any payment plan you may need.

I also offer a free sample of up to 2,500 words on any manuscript that is 50,000 words or above. If your manuscript has a lower word count than that, don’t worry! I still offer a free sample of 1,000 words.

During my edits, I do my best to explain the reasoning behind the suggestions I make, but in the end, as the author, the changes you make are entirely your choice.



The Dance – Keira Lane

Historical Romance, Short Story

Quiet Hearts – Keira Lane

Tragic Romance, Short Story

Stella has been fighting her heart for years, refusing to reconnect with Stephen, her childhood sweetheart. Will her heart betray her and everyone she loves when she sets on a path to finally put an end to their story?

The Hollow Ones – Jayne Bannion

Horror, Romance, Short Story

Nadine falls for Thomas, a young man who was captured by cave-dwelling monsters called the Hollow Ones. 

The Star Holder – Keira Lane

Short Story

Eves – Gent Adams

Science Fiction

The Garden has one rule everyone must abide by or face the death penalty. Almost twenty years ago a war began, leaving the military the only people left on Earth. The rest were sent to a space station called The Garden to preserve what was left of humanity. Most of the teens have never been on Earth, only seen it through the windows of the Garden.

Rage – Gent Adams

Science Fiction, Zombie Fiction

Standing up means rebelling against the Alpha Society and facing the undead. Complying means becoming a mindless artificial intelligence soldier.

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