Cut to the Kill

“There are lunatics out there that will take advantage of someone as carefree as you, Christine.”


In New York, a woman is pulled out of the river, the letters ‘CGK’ carved into her right hip.

In Washington C.C., two FBI agents work to catch their serial kidnapper before he can begin his next round of February kidnappings.

The homicides in New York continue, each victim linked with the CGK signature. It isn’t long before the detectives discover their new killer isn’t new at all. He’s a multi-state serial killer with three dead women per state, and New York is his forty-second stop.

FBI Agents Thomas Smalls and Chris Cross are assigned to New York with the hope of catching the man behind the knife once and for all.

Will they be able to catch the homicidal manic before he kills three women, jumps ship, and moves to state forty-three?

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