Monthly Wrap-Ups

August 2019 Wrap-Up

Hey, guys!

With August over, it’s time to go through the month, the goals I had, the ones I met, and the ones I missed.

August was, in short, nothing special in the general writing sense. It wasn’t a nano month or a prep month, so it was just one of my normal months.

I started writing two new books, The Beating of Eqbal Lodhran — which is book three in the Carver-Baxter series — and Books and Badges — which is a romance story featuring one of the main characters from Fallen Blues.

Overall, I had twenty-six goals in August. Ten of them were soft goals –flexible goals — and the other sixteen were hard goals — ones that seem like they absolutely need to be met ASAP. Out of the hard goals, I managed to hit all but two. I didn’t manage to edit all of my June Work in Progress videos for YouTube as planned, and I didn’t finish writing TGV. The goals I did meet, however, are spread between writing, editing, formatting, video editing, and blogging:

  • write 139,500 words (a goal of 4.5K a day)
  • edit 50,000 words
  • format BV for beta reader 2
  • finish Man of Darkness edit 5
  • finish writing The Bludgeoning of Catlyn MacLeod
  • start Man of Darkness edit 6
  • edit 2nd Man of Darkness video
  • edi 2nd Z research video
  • finish Man of Darkness edit 6
  • start writing Books and Badges
  • write July wrap-up blog post
  • start edit 7 of Man of Darkness

When it comes to soft goals, I only met three out of ten:

  • continue paranormal research
  • finish writing Fedkenheuer
  • add photography section to website

I didn’t manage to get back around to police academy research, building either of the two book-related replica models I’ve been working on, and I didn’t fiish JTS or Pitman’s Legend: King.

Regardless of what goals I hit or missed, August was a relatively okay month for me. I fell off consistent progress a bit at the end of the month after my grandparents had to put down their fur baby, who I interacted with every day for about the last twelve years. I definitely wasn’t in the mood for writing afterward, but I still wrote every day, regardless of how many words it was in comparison to the 4.5K goal.

So far, for September, I have thirty-three goals, twenty-one of which are hard goals. Out of the twenty-one, two of them are about finishing a book, and two are about starting a new book.

The main mission of this month, much like in August, is making progress on Man of Darkness, my supernatural/paranormal novella releasing October 29th.

I still have to finish edit seven, format the book for paperback, and then I plan to start and finish edit 8, as well. I have to write the acknowledgements for the book, as well as the back of the book description. For soft goals, at the moment, only one is related to Man of Darkness, and it’s designing the cover. I may add more for ebook version goals, but we’ll see how the next week or so goes before I add anything more to this month’s list.

Regardless of how September ends up going, I’m excited for the books I’m writing, and I’m so incredibly excited for how close I am to Man of Darkness‘s release date. I can’t wait to hold Miles’s novella in my hands!

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