Ashes in the Light

‘Ashes in the Light’: Progress Report #1

On February 3rd, I was set to begin edit 7 of my novel ‘Ashes in the Light’. Due to the cold and internet issues, I ended up delaying that until the next day, a Monday. That first day, I ended up editing 1,905 words, which was about 7,000 words below what I needed.

But since then, I’ve managed to stay on track for word count and edits. Last year, when I started the edits on this one, I was worried about how it was turning out. I was worried that I’d end up with another book I couldn’t be proud of or a female lead I couldn’t stand by the end of it.

But that hasn’t happened. Every edit makes me even prouder of what I’ve written. Every edit leaves me with a feeling of… success for writing a female character as the lead that I like. Aurora Cole is a kind soul. She’s polite and well-mannered. She’s never unnecessarily rude to anyone to prove that she’s better than them, to prove she’s strong or independent.

A female character can be strong without being 100% independent. She can be strong without being rude to everyone she meets. She can be strong without walking all over everyone around her. She can be strong without constantly trying to prove to everyone else that she is strong.

It took me years to figure that out, and I think Aurora–written in November of 2016–is probably the first time I figured it out with a female lead. I had previously figured it out with background character, women who weren’t the leading female. They tended to be better developed, somehow. But I think Aurora is the first time I cracked the code with my leading lady, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

This year is my most ambitious year for self-publishing. I’m hoping to get three books out in 2019, the first of which is ‘Ashes in the Light’. I have a projected release date in March. The goal at that point is to have the normal paperback, an ebook, large font paperback, and book merch all out in March. Hopefully, an audiobook will follow soon thereafter.

It’s a time crunch, but I’m certainly used to those.

I can’t wait to start showing you everything I have for this book. I’ve been proud of the cover ever since I drew the front cover image, and I’m proud of the single piece of merch I’ve designed thus far.

I can’t wait to release this farmhouse haunting–with a romance subplot–to my readers.

I’m about halfway through edit seven, so I’ll see you guys again once it’s done. It’s going well so far, and I’m hoping that continues these next few days. If you want more details on the editing I’ve done so far, here’s the playlist of the four videos I have on this particular book.

I’ll see you in a few days!

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