Ashes in the Light

‘Ashes in the Light’: Progress Report #2

On February 11th, I finished the seventh edit of ‘Ashes in the Light’. Edit seven was a Google Translate edit, in which I copy the chapters into Google Translate to have the voice read them to me. Most of the time, I end up emailing them to myself so I can have my iPad read them instead, but I still call it a translate edit. It’s easier than calling it an iPad text-to-speech edit.

With edit seven, I actually ended up removing 295 words from the book. A lot of this was removing unnecessary dialogue tags and fixing oddly worded sentences.

Since then, I’ve been formatting the book in preparation for edit eight. I finished formatting on Friday (February 15th), emailing a PDF of it to myself for reading in the Kindle app. I ended up designing five separate general pieces for the formatting of this one. The title page, part headers, chapter headers, scene dividers, and a digital notebook page for the notes my main character, Aurora, has taken on the history of the house she lives in.

The title page isn’t anything too special, just the same font that’s used on the cover. The part headers have a ghost design:

The chapter headers have a cute little ghost, too:

The scene divider is another little ghostie:

For spoiler’s sake, I can’t show the house history page, but it took… a very long time to make. Laying out each individual notebook line (the application I used doesn’t appear to have a grouping button to make this process easier!) took over an hour alone.

Edit eight will begin today, Monday the 18th. A lot of edit eight is checking to make sure formatting is okay. Making sure the chapter headers are at the top of every chapter and not accidentally on the second page of one, for instance. Outside of that, I sometimes catch a few more mistakes during edit eight, all of which will be changed before the book is actually self-published in March.

We’re closing in on the end of this one, and I couldn’t be more excited! Book merch, cover reveal, and more updates to come in due time!

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