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Birthdays, Book Birthdays, and ‘Letters from a Madman’ Progress

Hey, guys!

Today’s my twenty-second birthday, and Cut to the Kill’s first book birthday, so I figured it’s finally time for another little update blog post.

In between doctor’s appointments, lab appointments, and writing, I’ve spent the last few months continuing the editing process on Letters from a Madman. Right now, I’m in the midst of the ninth and final edit: the proofread.

When I took on this book to publish this year after my plans with the Carver-Baxter series fell through, I felt like I had bitten off far more than I could chew. I do a complete rewrite for the first edits of my books, and they normally go pretty smoothly. Letters from a Madman, however, needed an entire rework. New scenes, new chapters, reordering previous chapters, moving scenes between chapters, deleting a ton of scenes, replacing important plot points, a brand new ending, a new important side character, new details added about the ‘madman’.

It was a lot.

But I managed to push through it and make a lot of great progress in that rewrite, as well as the edits that followed. I’m still incredibly proud of that progress and how far the book has come from the original, despite how difficult the rewrite was, despite how difficult the first several edits were.

After this proofread is done, I still have a lot left to do in regards to preparing for the book’s August 4th release.

While the normal font paperback book is formatted for the proofread, there are still changes that need to be made. For instance, I completely forgot that the indents for the paragraphs needed to be decreased from the original settings I write in. It also needs to be hyphenated so the paragraphs come together in a much cleaner way.

After the fixes and corrections have been made, I’ll need to take out the large font paperback formatting, as well as the ebook. I still have a description to write, a dedication, and a cover to design. There are more steps related primarily to promotion too, but those are currently one of the last thoughts on my mind.

I’m just happy things are progressing with Letters from a Madman, and I’m unbelievably ecstatic that the book has gotten better with every edit.

If things continue to stay on track, there will be a cover reveal at the end of this month of very early in July. I have my fingers crossed for June, but I’m admittedly dragging my feed on the proofread. Either way, I’ll see you soon!

Until next time 👋

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