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Finally, I’m back

Hey, guys!

Long time no see, huh? When the colder months hit and my pain worsened, I backed away from a lot of things, one of which happened to be my website. That time away hasn’t lessened my pain by any means, but it has given me time to dedicate solely to other things — writing, editing, photography, my YouTube updates.

Since I just finished the rewrite edit from hell, I figured it was about time to give you an update on some things, including plans for the site and publishing this year!

First and foremost, I’m finally going to behave myself and add Man of Darkness to my homepage so it links to its book page. I mean… Miles has been out in the world since October, and I still haven’t added it to my main page? Like I said, the website’s been slacking, haha.

This year, I’m also finally adding my editing services page to the site! I’ve been editing academic works since 2012, my own books since 2014, and novels for other writers (particularly indie authors, though I’ve edited for several online-only writers, as well) since 2015. Now that I’ve built up a few testimonials, I’m going to actually put the section on my website. It’s been a long-time goal of mine, so knowing I’m going to do it this year feels pretty great!

Away from the editing other people’s work aspect of things, let’s move back to that aforementioned rewrite edit from hell! Letters from a Madman was a crime novella I wrote in 2018 for July CampNaNo, 2018 being the year I only took notes on certain books as I was writing them. Would you like to guess which book didn’t fall into this ‘certain’ category?

Spoiler alert, it’s Letters from a Madman. I have a vague list of character descriptions that is incorrect for at least two of the characters, and that’s… about it. No name of the town the book takes place in (fake town), no name of the bank that is the whole starting point (fake bank), no notes on evidence or DNA or anything. As one can imagine, it was quite the, uh, fixer-upper, if you will. You can take a look at the sticky note(s) for it rather than me typing out all the changes so far:

After skipping a few chapters (four to be exact) and a few scenes with the plan to hit them during the third edit, I finished the first edit of Letter from a Madman, adding an extra 8,799 words to the original book. Though I worked on it for over a month, I only sat down and wrote in it for a total of seventeen days, give or take. I have a lot of WIPs, so I cycle through them pretty regularly, even when I have a rewrite edit like this particular book on my plate.

As it stands, Letters from a Madman is set for a release on August 2nd! Unless my pain gets in the way of this, it’s what I’m set on. We’ll see how it goes!

If you’re interested in seeing anything I’ve done recently, my YouTube channel is updated regularly with what’s going on in my writing, and I post stats and progress photos to Instagram, too.

Until next time 👋

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