Monthly Wrap-Ups

October 2019 Wrap-Up

Hey, guys!

With October over, it’s time to go through the month: the goals I had, the ones I met, and the ones I missed.

October was a struggle for me, in the long run of things. It was cold, I was sore, and my thyroid was kicking my ass all month long. I was exhausted no matter how much sleep I got, I could hardly stay awake when I was awake, my joints were stiffer than usual, and my cold sensitivity was all over the place.

But, as I usually attempt to, I managed.

October held the release of my novella, Man of Darkness, so a lot of my goals were release-related or pushed aside because of the release.

Let’s get into the goals!

Overall, I had thirty-five goals in October. Fourteen of them were soft goals–flexible goals–and twenty-one of them were hard goals–ones that I’m (at the very least) a little more set in stone. Out of the hard goals, I hit all but four, and out of the soft goals, I missed seven of them.

Hard goals missed:

  • finish editing August work-in-progress videos for YouTube
  • edit 3rd Los City of Z research video for YouTube
  • finish writing The Beating of Eqbal Lodhran
  • finish writing Beatings from a Butcher

Hard goals hit:

  • write 170,500 words — this one was a huge struggle! I was behind on it pretty much all month and really had to crunch words the last few days of October to hit it
  • edit 50,000 words
  • write September wrap-up blog post
  • finish edit 1 of TGV
  • format TGV chapters for beta reader 1
  • make Man of Darkness cover mock-ups
  • make Man of Darkness promo posts
  • film Man of Darkness cover reveal
  • edit Man of Darkness unboxing
  • edit Man of Darkness cover reveal
  • format Man of Darkness ebook
  • put Man of Darkness ebook up for pre-order
  • write Man of Darkness blog post
  • finish writing The Dealer
  • finish writing Initiate the Boys
  • start work on Man of Darkness book merch
  • start book four of the Jamal Pitman series

Soft goals missed:

  • continue police academy research
  • continue paranormal research
  • continue work on The Surgeon basement model
  • continue work on Z model
  • try building Z in sketch-up (I pretty much always used my actual desktop time for Man of Darkness stuff, but I’m hoping to hit this one at least once in November!)
  • edit Cut to the Kill merch video
  • format The Kidnapping of Eve Lincoln chapters for beta reader 1

Soft goals hit:

  • hit 17,500 words in Books and Badges
  • hit 10,000 words in Killer in Training book 2
  • hit 25,000 words in Voice of the Wild Places: Z
  • hit 10,000 words in Pitman’s Legend: Valiant Fighter
  • start editing The Kidnapping of Eve Lincoln
  • finish editing The Kidnapping of Even Lincoln
  • start edit 2 of TLA

Regardless of what goals I hit or missed, October was a difficult month to work through. I struggled just about every single day to meet my word goal, and there was a long period of time where I was pretty sure there was no way I’d ever be able to come around and hit my end of the month goal, but I managed it. I still wrote every single day, and that’s always my biggest goal, no matter what.

Worth noting: writing every day doesn’t have to be a goal for everyone. It isn’t necessary to write every day by any means. That doesn’t work for everyone. It’s just a personal goal of mine.

Currently, for November, I haven’t gotten around to writing out any actual goals. I have a few in my head, one of which I’ve already met, but that’s about it. Eventually, I’ll write them down like I have been. Being able to visualize them and categorize them definitely helps.

It’s a NaNoWriMo month, which–regardless of what my personal goal is–I always participate in these days. I started the month working on twelve projects–some continuations, some brand new–and things are still going relatively okay.

We’ll see where November takes me, but as it’s stands, I’m excited for all the books I’m writing, editing, and researching. That’s always something that keeps me writing, and for now, that’s all I need.

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