Monthly Wrap-Ups

July 2019 Wrap-Up

Hey, guys!

Now that July is over, I figured I’d go through the month, the goals I had, the ones I met, and the ones I missed.

July was CampNaNo month, and to start it off, I only began one new book, The Dealer. This is book ten of the Bo Austen-Taylor series, and it’s still in progress now. I usually start at least four new books for all of the NaNos, but even I know my limits. Adding four new books rather than just the one to the ten I had in progress didn’t seem like the best idea, so I limited myself this time around.

Overall, I had twenty-seven goals for the month. When I set goals, I have two types. Hard goals and soft goals. Hard goals are the ones I feel absolutely need to be met, and soft goals are entirely flexible. They can be pushed back a couple week or another month if they need to be.

In July, I had nine hard goals, and I managed to hit every single one. Some were writing related (start writing The Dealer, write 124,000 words), some were editing related (start Man of Darkness edit four, finish edit four, start edit five, finish BV edit one, edit 50,000 words), and some were video related (finish editing CampNaNo prep videos, edit first video in the Man of Darkness beginning to end series).

With my soft goals, I met far fewer of them. Out of eighteen, I missed eleven of them. These revolved around researching, a few video editing things, a few crafting things, and a few writing things. I had two other books I had wanted to finish in July, but out of the three set, I only managed to complete one of them. The good news there is that because of the book I did complete, I was also able to start the fourth book in that series in July. That’s definitely a plus!

Overall, July still went very well for me. I didn’t have many issues with my anxiety in comparison to how a usual month runs for me, I was finally diagnosed with something that could be cause of all of my joint pain, and I was put on medication to treat it. Toward the tail end of the month, my pain was far less severe. It’s not gone completely by any means, but to even be able to write for six or seven minutes straight without feeling intense pain was incredible.

So far, for August, I have nineteen goals set, and twelve of them are hard goals. Out of those twelve, only one of them is to finish a book, which is book two in the Carver-Baxter crime fiction series.

The main mission of this month, however, is to make progress in the edits of Man of Darkness, a supernatural/paranormal novella set to release on October 29th, just in time for Halloween!

Regardless of how August ends up going, I’m excited for every book I’m writing, and I’m excited to be editing Man of Darkness. I’m closing in on the release month, which means I’m getting close to being able to fully design the cover and do a cover reveal and start making promo graphics. I can’t wait!

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