The Ashley Jones Trilogy

‘It Starts With Goodbye’ Rewrite: Update #2

When I first decided I was going to rewrite the third and final book of the Ashley Jones trilogy, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I knew I wasn’t going to push aside my other projects for this one’s benefit, and I knew I was going to continue full speed ahead with any of my other ideas, even if it resulted in a large workload for me.

That large workload is where I’m at now, and I’ll be honest, it’s pretty stressful.

Going into 2018, my goal is to add at least two more books to my self-published list. ‘It Starts With Goodbye’ and ‘Cut to the Kill’. I wrote ‘Cut to the Kill’ way back in November of 2016 for NaNoWriMo and am currently working on the second edit of the book.

Outside of the new edits, I’ve decided to go through and re-edit all six books of the Kathy Baker series. While the plot will remain intact, I’ve wanted to clean up the details, dialogue, and characters for quite some time now. I’ve just only finally come around to it. I’m currently twenty-four chapters through book one of the series.

With two book edits, a rewrite, series research for two different series, and six ongoing books, I’ve set out quite a… journey for myself, and even I’ll admit that it’s almost too much to handle every now and then.

All of that being said, I’ve found myself in a rut with the Ashley Jones rewrite. As I get further and further into reading the original book in order to rewrite the chapters, I’m reminded why I fell out of love with these characters in the first place.

The original third book was written incredibly quickly so I could work on other projects that I cared about more, and because of that, I did anything I could to hurry it along.

I sacrificed plot for short chapters of two of the characters flirting, undressing, and cutting to black whenever they sleep together. There’s no real story in the original third book, and rewriting it all to get rid of those issues and come up with an actual plot is proving to be a rather taxing process.

But, of course, I’m slowly getting there. I’m currently rewriting chapter twenty-five, which is actually the new book’s chapter twenty-four. The original chapter twenty-four was short and, in short, not good at all, so I’ve removed it instead of attempting to save it. I think making a quick reference to the original events of that chapter later on in the book is working much better, anyway.

So far, I’ve only deleted one chapter, and I’ve only actually removed one other scene entirely, one from chapter twenty-three. Otherwise, I’ve spent most of my time revamping dialogue, descriptions, details, casework, and the actual plot. In my notebook, I’ve jotted down ideas for five new scenes, which I’ll write and add in during the first edit of the book rather than the rewrite.

So, although this process so far has been long and taxing and stressful, I’m still pretty excited to go through the book and fix the ‘just get it over with’ mistakes I made when I first wrote the original. I know this process is going to continue to be a hard one, but in the end, when I get to hold the improved copy of this book in my hands, when I get to offer the improved book to all you lovely people out there, I know it will be worth it.

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